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Pet Shop Boys, Talk

1. For some reason I thought you’d been around a lot than 12 years, but then that’s probably a testimony to what you’ve achieved. I would consider it a compliment for people to think that way!
2. You guys started a lot of the techniques I hear on today’s records. Would you hold your hand up and claim a little bit of credit for that?
3. Do you think sampling has gone full stretch now, can it go any further, are we now oversampled?
4. This album ‘Bilingual’ contains a lot of latin rhythms, was that intentional?
5. Your music always has a depth to it and this album really reflects that!
6. On the single ‘Red Letter Day’ there’s another track ‘The Boy Who Couldn’t Keep His Clothes On’. Why didn't that track find its way on to the album?
7. When you give someone a track of yours to be re-mixed, do you just let them get on with it or do you give any direction at all?
8. Do you think your music is more rhythm driven these days?
9. Your songs do achieve the aim of coming back to the hook, the difference being that you make more interesting records!
10. ‘Discoteca’ opens the ‘Bilingual’ album, a song which I understand has been around for a few years. Do you have songs that take time to develop and you keep going back to them?

11. ‘Single’ has this real nice percussive section and also an irony in that song which crops up in a lot of your lyrics, that appeals to you doesn’t it?
12. Having travelled considerably making music and also sold records world-wide, do you think the British are still up there, at the cutting edge?
13. Would you in some respects consider yourselves entertainers now especially when you play live, it’s a real show?
14. ‘Metamorphosis’ is to me classic Pet Shop Boys, harmonies that arrive at you!
15. Neil you could probably put your lyrics in a very simple narrative form over a backing track, almost poetic, have you ever thought of doing that?
16. ‘It Always Comes as a Surprise’, is this autobiographical?
17. You’re also recognized as producers and at one time there was a ‘tag’ situation, where acts came to you to have your name on it, were you aware of that?
18. Chris you’ve managed a certain amount of anonymity in that you can still do your shopping and enjoy yourself, is that quite nice to be able to do that?
19. ‘A Red Letter Day’ features a Russian choir, why couldn’t you find that anywhere else?
20. Is that why you travel all over the world to record?
21. ‘Up Against It’ politics, are you saying protest isn’t worth it?
22. ‘To Step Aside’ has the line ‘If I decide to step aside I will try and forget all the tears I’ve cried’ which shows the lyrical talents you’ve displayed from the beginning. Where do the ideas come from?
23. What do you think it is that keeps you together?
24. There’s a quote from you Neil ‘We may have had the occasional scam, but never had any grand plans!’. Does that still fit in?

Release year:1997

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About Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys - About

“About Pet Shop  Boys” is the sought-after double CD package featuring the BBC Radio 1 two-part, two-hour documentary of the same name. First  broadcast on December 8th and 15th, 1996 it was made by Chris Heath, with Lucy Armitage at Radio  One, and was initially only available at the Savoy performances.

Release year: 1997

PopArt - The Interview

Pet Shop Boys - PopArt (The Interview)

This CD consist of 38 audio tracks, taken from an interwiew in London with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe recorded in September 2003. This will give you the information you need to make up your own feature or programme. Each cue gives you the in and out, duration, person speaking and suggested question for you to ask; and where appropriate the track on the CD that the audio refers to.

Release year: 2003.

1. Why did you decide to call the Hits album PopArt?
2. What have you remixed or changed?
3. Listening to the hits one after another is a reminder that you have always written great songs...
4. OK, here we go. Track 1 is Go West
5. Is this the original 7" mix of Suburbia?
6. Next up is Se a Vida É? What does that actually mean?
7.  Next up, one of the Pet Shop Boys' classic collaborations: What Have I Done to Deserve This?
With Dusty Springfield.
8. A cover version next, of a song by Elvis Presley. Chris, are you a fan?
9. Next, a very Pet Shop Boys kind of title - I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing...
10. Home and Dry, the next track, is more 'traditional' sounding, in musical terms...
11. And now, a UK 1 hit, Heart
12. There's a really hopeful and optimistic lyric in the next song, Miracles...
13. How do you feel about Loves Comes Quickly, the next song?
14. It's a Sin seems to be based on a Catholic upbringing. Any autobiography here?
15. Domino Dancing is next. Is this song about jealousy?
16. A more optimistic track next, Before. Before what?   
17. New York City Boy: this is a real show stopper.
18. The track It's Alright seems to sum up a philosophy about life and music...
19. A medley now: I Can't Take My Eyes Off You and the U2 song Where The Streets Have No Name. What was it that the U2 lead singer, Bono, said, when he heard your version?
20. The last track on the Pop CD is A Red Letter Day  
21. CD2, Art. Track 1 is Left to My Own Devices. An autobiographical song?
22. Next, the end of an affair: I Don't Know What You Want but I Can't Give it Any More
23. A new single next: Flamboyant. Tell us about this track
24. Being Boring comes from a quote from Zelda Fitzgerald, doesn't it?
25. Next up, Can You Forgive Her?
26. Now, the track that started it all: West End Girls...
27. Next, a song that was written about politicians. Unusual subject matter?
28. Tell us about So Hard.
29. Rent is next; and it has a hi-energy tempo that has been altered, hasn't it?     
30. Next track is Jealousy
31. DJ Culture next: how society changes...
32. You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk. I imagine that's a very Chris Lowe sort of title?
33. Next up, Liberation, a song about love - and trust
34. Paninaro 95, the anthem for Italian youth...
35. Opportunities next. Who's got the brains and who's got the looks?
36. Yesterday When I Was Mad: what's this song about?
37. The drums on the intro of Single-Bilingual, and that samba beat, remind me a bit of a Paul Simon track...
38. And finally, the show stopper to beat all show stoppers! A medley from West Side Story.     

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Release (The Interview CD)

Pet Shop Boys - Release
(The Interview CD)

Neil and Chris talk about their new album Release.

Release year: 2002.

1. This new CD, 'Release', is very much song driven, and seems to feature more 'real' instruments than perhaps before?

2. 'Home and dry', is definitely a story in song. Tell us about the musical structure.

3. And this track features the vocoder type effect on the vocals that has done so well for Cher in recent times

4. So in detail, what's different about the songs on this album? Track 2 is called 'I get along'. Sounds like a love song?

5. Track 3 is 'Birthday boy'. Is this a Christmas song?

6. 2001 was marked forever by what the Americans now call '9/11'. Did the Trade Center attacks have any effect on this album at all?

7. The Pet Shop Boys have travelled a lot throughout Europe; and you've been to Russia quite a bit.

8. And you've got a track, called 'London', on the new CD that's about a couple of Russians who escape to the UK

9. Now, if anybody was going to write a love song for the World Wide Web Generation, it had to be the Pet Shop Boys. 'E-mail', it's called, and anyone who's ever been away from loved ones and home country will beable to relate to the song.

10. Now, when I hear that ('E-mail'), the intro has a flavour of your 80's hit, 'West end girls', about it.

11. The World Wide Web: does it plan an important part in your lives?

12. The next track is 'Samurai in Autumn'. It would be instrumental, except for just one line of lyric.

13. Current TV, certainly in the UK, seems obsessed with young people trying to achieve a moment's fame or notoriety (Pop Idol, Big Brother, etc.). You've been around for 20 years now. How does this grasping for fame strike you?

14. Track 7 seems to me to be the fulcrum for the whole album. 'Love is a catastrophe' is dramatic, tragic, epic, possibly the finest moment of the year in music. It's about loss, seperation, even death.

15. Now, and not before time, we come to the contribution made by visiting guitar star, Johnny Marr. He's got some lovely sounds on 'Release'.

16. Having checked out the website, where the titles - and lyrics - of all your songs are to be found, I discovered that you have 140 songs in your repertoire. Remarkable!

17. Track 8, 'Here', is about home. Having one, wanting to have one, needing to understand the importance of one (whenever and whatever it might be)?

18. Track 9. Now, we could be forgiven for thinking that this track ('The night I fell in love') is about a school boy going backstage at an Eminem concert. He meets the rapper; goes back to the hotel; enjoys a night of passion; and pops off to school after breakfast. Have I go that right??

19. This album really seems to emphasise the importance of story in song: the Narrative element.

20. Track 10 of 10, and it's a love song. How very suitable! They've been about loss of love; seperation; anxiety about love. But about love above all.

21. So, a fine 8th album, (excluding mixes and re-workings). As you look back over the career, is there anything you regret? The stage musical, 'Closer to Heaven', took a vast amount of time and effort, but was not treated kindly by some critics, and closed earlier then you would have hoped. Sorry you did it?

Music for boys

Pet Shop Boys > Music for boys

01. Music for boys (7" version)
02. Music for boys (Part 2)
03. Music for boys (Part 3)
04. Music for boys (Chris Lowe remix)

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The way through the woods

Pet Shop Boys > The way through the woods

01. The way through the woods
02. The way through the woods (Instrumental)
03. The way through the woods (Long Version)

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Pet Shop Boys > Essential

Domino dancing (Alternative version)
West end girls (Dance mix)
Opportunities (Original 7" version)
Paninaro (7" version)
That's my impression (7" version)
We all feel better in the dark (Extended mix)
It couldn't happen here (7" version)
It's alright (7" version)
Left to my own devices (7" version)
In the night (Remix)
Two divided by zero (LP version)
Love comes quickly (Dance mix)
Being boring (Extended version)

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Live from BBC Radio 2

Pet Shop Boys > Live from BBC Radio 2

Being boring
I get along
A red letter day
Home and dry
Love comes quickly
Was it worth it?
Birthay boy
West end girls
Love is a catastrophe
Go west

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Discography - Special Instore Play Edition (Featuring Mark Goodier)

Pet Shop Boys > Discography
Special Instore Play Edition (feat. Mark Goodier)

West end girls
Love comes quickly
Opportunities (Let´s make lots of money)
It's a sin
What have I done to deserve this?
Always on my mind
Domino dancing
Left to my own devices
It's alright 
So hard
Being boring
Where the streets have no name (I can't take my eyes off you)
DJ Culture
Was it worth it?

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Tribute - Instrumental Covers by Miangelve

Tribute > Instrumental Covers by Miangelve

Left To My Own Devices
Always on my mind
Domino Dancing
Home And Dry
I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore
It's A Sin
Paninaro '95
So Hard (extended)
West End Girls

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The Most Incredible Thing (Demos)

Pet Shop Boys > The Most IncredibleThing

The Grind
The Challenge
Help Me
Physical Jerks
The Competition
The Meeting
The Clock 1-2-3
The Clock 4-5-6
The Clock 7-8-9
The Clock 10-11-12
The Winner
Back To The Grind
The Miracle - Ceremony
The Miracle - Revolution
The Miracle - Resurrection
The Miracle - Colour and Light
The Miracle - The Meeting (Reprise)
The Wedding 

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Demos 1992 - 93

Pet Shop Boys > Demos 1992-93

01. Liberation
02. Big Piano (Instrumental)
03. Go west
04. One in a million (It´s up to you)
05. One and one make five
06. Dreaming of the Queen
07. Playing hard to get (Instrumental)
08. Yesterday, when I was mad