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PopArt - The Interview

Pet Shop Boys - PopArt (The Interview)

This CD consist of 38 audio tracks, taken from an interwiew in London with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe recorded in September 2003. This will give you the information you need to make up your own feature or programme. Each cue gives you the in and out, duration, person speaking and suggested question for you to ask; and where appropriate the track on the CD that the audio refers to.

Release year: 2003.

1. Why did you decide to call the Hits album PopArt?
2. What have you remixed or changed?
3. Listening to the hits one after another is a reminder that you have always written great songs...
4. OK, here we go. Track 1 is Go West
5. Is this the original 7" mix of Suburbia?
6. Next up is Se a Vida É? What does that actually mean?
7.  Next up, one of the Pet Shop Boys' classic collaborations: What Have I Done to Deserve This?
With Dusty Springfield.
8. A cover version next, of a song by Elvis Presley. Chris, are you a fan?
9. Next, a very Pet Shop Boys kind of title - I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing...
10. Home and Dry, the next track, is more 'traditional' sounding, in musical terms...
11. And now, a UK 1 hit, Heart
12. There's a really hopeful and optimistic lyric in the next song, Miracles...
13. How do you feel about Loves Comes Quickly, the next song?
14. It's a Sin seems to be based on a Catholic upbringing. Any autobiography here?
15. Domino Dancing is next. Is this song about jealousy?
16. A more optimistic track next, Before. Before what?   
17. New York City Boy: this is a real show stopper.
18. The track It's Alright seems to sum up a philosophy about life and music...
19. A medley now: I Can't Take My Eyes Off You and the U2 song Where The Streets Have No Name. What was it that the U2 lead singer, Bono, said, when he heard your version?
20. The last track on the Pop CD is A Red Letter Day  
21. CD2, Art. Track 1 is Left to My Own Devices. An autobiographical song?
22. Next, the end of an affair: I Don't Know What You Want but I Can't Give it Any More
23. A new single next: Flamboyant. Tell us about this track
24. Being Boring comes from a quote from Zelda Fitzgerald, doesn't it?
25. Next up, Can You Forgive Her?
26. Now, the track that started it all: West End Girls...
27. Next, a song that was written about politicians. Unusual subject matter?
28. Tell us about So Hard.
29. Rent is next; and it has a hi-energy tempo that has been altered, hasn't it?     
30. Next track is Jealousy
31. DJ Culture next: how society changes...
32. You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk. I imagine that's a very Chris Lowe sort of title?
33. Next up, Liberation, a song about love - and trust
34. Paninaro 95, the anthem for Italian youth...
35. Opportunities next. Who's got the brains and who's got the looks?
36. Yesterday When I Was Mad: what's this song about?
37. The drums on the intro of Single-Bilingual, and that samba beat, remind me a bit of a Paul Simon track...
38. And finally, the show stopper to beat all show stoppers! A medley from West Side Story.     

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